Writer’s Block is like Tetris.

Hear me out, okay? Imagine a game of Tetris: you are totally immersed and making all the right moves, swiftly dodging dodgy situations and successfully finishing a row. Then, all of a sudden, you make a wrong turn and BOOM you’re stuck. Huh. Kind of sounds like writing: you are totally immersed and making all the right plot moves, swiftly dodging dodgy situations and successfully finishing storylines and chapters. Then, all of a sudden, your creativity pipe stops flowing and BOOM you’re suffering. Wow, uncanny!

Please pardon my sarcasm and don’t take it the wrong way, but I am really just annoyed with the high amounts of writer’s block that have been clogging my creativity. I have had this story idea for the past year, wrote the prologue, deemed it a short story for the purposes of my school’s literature/art magazine, and haven’t made progress with it since. Unfortunately this is not because I haven’t tried. I have probably written around 50 different chapter beginnings, all different, playing with different points of view and starting points, but to no avail. I have tried to “conjure” muse for the two main characters, even resorting to meditation of all things. Neither main character spoke up but instead sat silently in the corners of my brain playing chess and wearing earplugs so as to not hear me calling them. Usually I can deal with writer’s block for a bit and then resume my story and continue. However, this time my writer’s block lasted a whole year and I still have nothing.

Naturally, my response was to start a whole different story and leave the other one behind. Maybe if I shifted focus I would be able to loosen up my creativity scope for the other story. Sounds simple, right? And so far it is (maybe) working. I started this new story only two days ago, so it is still a bit early in the project to tell if any progress is being made. I’m sure all of you know how annoying writer’s block can be, whether you write creatively or otherwise. The idea that my creativity gets stunted and clogged is a bit devastating, but I get sucked into writer’s block with the hope that I can get my creativity back. It’s like the age-old struggle of Mario saving Peach. I am the short chubby Italian plumber chasing my pink dress-wearing blonde princess who lets herself get taken by the evil mutant turtle-dude. Now that I put it into that perspective, I can see writer’s block plaguing me for the rest of my life because Mario never gets to keep Peach for too long. And frankly, I’m not too okay with that.

Do you guys have any tips for lessening writer’s block? I know you can’t force creativity, but maybe you all know a way to kick-start it. Any tips and ideas would be super helpful!

As always, thanks for reading and until next time,