A Late Night Apology & Update

Good evening (or rather morning considering it’s 12:56 as I write this) to all the followers out there! It is Riley speaking and I come with an apology and some exciting (at least to me) updates.

First, the apology. I apologize a MILLION times over for pretty much abandoning BookingAwesome. I feel like my hiatus lasted about a week, but perhaps it was longer. Either way, that should not have happened and I had no good reason to just not post any content. That being said, I haven’t really read too much over the past week, but I have picked up a new book that I didn’t plan on reading. But wait, that will be discussed more in the updates! Continuing with the apology, I really had no idea that my “muse” for blog posts and writing in general would just plummet this past week. I’m sure many of you can completely relate, and most of you probably saw that hiatus coming judging from my most recent post about writer’s block. Just because my stories are suffering, however, doesn’t mean my blog posts and other miscellaneous writing should suffer. This is supposed to be fun, right? Well I’m going to work more on that! Again, my deepest apologies, but I am back and ready to go!

Now onto the updates (this is the exciting part)! My good friend Morgan (queenofthefantastic) will be joining me on this blog! She has been working on an introduction post for a bit, so hopefully she’ll have it up soon! She has been extremely busy reading all sorts of books, so hopefully she’ll add a bit of variety to the blog. I’m excited for her arrival, and I hope all of you out there show her a nice warm welcome! Now in personal updates, I have started to read Neil Gaiman’s latest adult fairytale, Ocean at the End of the Lane. I am so excited to delve into it, and there will most definitely be a review at the end! I’m eager to share my thoughts with all of you and also get some much-appreciated feedback! Finally, I recently received the list of books I need to acquire/purchase for the fall semester. I am currently working listing them all and sort of explaining the classes I’m taking so I can post it here for you all to see! Maybe once I get started in the fall I can do read-alongs for the different books? Let me know if that’s a good idea.

Well, that’s about all for tonight’s (today’s?) post. Perhaps I will have a little something up later, but who knows? Thank you all so much for reading, and until next time DFTBA!