Romione & the OTP’s Say “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

First of all, “Romione & the OTP’s” is a great fandom band name.

Second of all, I’d like to take this moment to say Happy Valentine’s Day, readers! It has been quite some time, hasn’t it? Well, I’m happy to say I’m back from London (and have been for about two months now) and that I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. If you want to read about my adventures, head on over to Riley Takes London and check it out! But, as I’m back in the States and it’s the fourteenth of February, let’s talk about that!

Now, it’s important that you know I’ve never been into the whole idea of “Valentine’s Day” with the chocolates, flowers, cards, endless fawning, etc. I went through it once and it was fine, but now I have a better idea of how to spend my Valentine’s. Why go to a packed restaurant and throw your money at waiters when you can revisit the wonderful book and movie relationships you know you love? Or, if you magically have reservations somewhere, why not bond later over your favorite movie or tv show? Inspired by the wonderful Kristina Horner over at YouTube channel “italktosnakes,” I’m going to talk about something quite inherent in February the Fourteenth: romance. And not just any romance, but fictional romance! OTP’s, shipping, canon, all of that fun terminology you might not understand. Though, if you’ve been around on the internet for the past couple years, you might have heard of them.

For you uninformed, the term OTP means “one true pairing.” Basically, it’s the one ship (short for “relationship”) that you love above any other. For me, the ultimate OTP is Ron x Hermione, or Romione. Though, let’s be honest, anyone who knows me knows I’d rather it be Rilon (you know, Riley x Ron), but I digress. Shipping is when you like the idea of two characters together, either as a romantic or platonic relationship. Say you’re watching The Office and you find yourself thinking Jim and Pam are cute. Huzzah! You’re shipping them, albeit subconsciously! Jim and Pam are actually a great example of the final term I mentioned above, canon. When a relationship is canon, it has happened in the course of the tv series/book/movie/etc. Jim and Pam are an actual couple on The Office, so thus they are canon!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I want to talk about a couple of my favorite OTP’s and pairings. I have quite a lot, seeing as I’ve been involved in fandoms (groups of people that are fans of specific things) technically since I’ve started Harry Potter back in third grade. However, I’ll only talk about three because I could go on forever and would if I had the time or patience. So, let’s get started!


1. Ron x Hermione, Romione

This one should come as no surprise considering I mentioned it in the last paragraph. However, it’s not hard to see why I like them in the first place. Ron Weasley, a loyal friend yet annoying companion, plus Hermione Granger, the genius witch yet slightly overwhelming friend, is a match made in heaven. I know plenty of people who will disagree vehemently and lob ships like Dramione (Draco x Hermione) my way, but I am firm in my position. Hermione’s smarts complement Ron’s obliviousness and please, would you look at the way he looks at her? Plus, they are both attractive human beings so naturally their children will be beautiful, smart, and dashing. Perfect combination, if you ask me.

Rapunzel x Flynn

2. Flynn x Rapunzel

Flynn (or Eugene if you wish) and Rapunzel definitely make my list of favorite OTP’s because of how sweet and pure their love is. Flynn is a thief; he’s focused on getting what he wants at any cost, even if it means abandoning people who promised to help. Rapunzel, on the other hand, is a prisoner in her own life, longing to escape and see the world with the lanterns being the gateway to that dream. Both have dreams, but they don’t realize what they really want until the scene depicted above. The crown Flynn seeks is obsolete once he realizes that Rapunzel is the key to his happiness. Rapunzel, after seeing the lanterns and fulfilling her dream, realizes Flynn is the new dream she was searching for. As you can probably guess, unlikely romance is my favorite kind of romance.


3. Prince Charming x Snow White, Snowing

ABC’s Once Upon a Time is one of my favorite tv shows, hands down. I’ve enjoyed every season so far and can’t wait until it returns in March! Even though we’re entering the second half of season four, there has been one couple on the show that has held my heart from episode one. Meet Snowing. Not only is their ship name adorable, but their relationship physically hurts my emotions. Snow White was a pariah in her own kingdom, but she didn’t know that for the longest time. Prince Charming was that dashing man who came along, tried to catch her for bounty, and ended up falling in love. Their story is tragic and gets expanded upon each season, but how cute they are remains the same. What makes this relationship even more fantastic is that the actors are married in real life. It’s snowing all the time, if you catch my drift (whoa two puns in one sentence, make it stop!).

Now that I have forced my shipping thoughts upon you, tell me what your favorites are! I watch plenty of television and movies as well as read plenty of books, so it’s rare that I won’t know which ship you’re talking about. I mean, please, I have a tumblr; you can ship something you’ve never even seen because others have done it for you.

On this Valentine’s Day, don’t fret if you don’t have a physical valentine. Just think: while you’re saving money by not buying anyone gifts, you’re also given the freedom to hang out with your OTP’s! Crack open a book, start up Netflix, whatever suits your fancy, and enjoy the day! I know it’s what I’ll be doing.

None of the .gifs used are mine.


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