Book Review: KIKI STRIKE Inside the Shadow City by Kirsten Miller


RATING: 10.0 / 10.0

Today, I bring to you part one of a three part book review series revolving around the works of Kirsten Miller, specifically the Kiki Strike series and more specifically, the first book: KIKI STRIKE Inside the Shadow City. Who is Kiki Strike? Well, my friends, don’t you worry, nobody really knows who this black-clad, butt-kicking, café-au-lait-drinking mystery is, and it is less likely there could be anyone who understands her. And with that opening I would like to introduce you to the narrator of this first installment of the series: Ananka Fishbein. Our main character tells the story from first person point of view in past-tense. Before the actual story begins, and depending on which print version you may own, there is a note from Ananka Fishbein who explains to the reader that this story, while we may have heard a few different versions, is completely true and that this is the account of her first adventure with the mysteries Kiki Strike six years ago. Throughout the book, in fact at the end of every chapter, there are personal lessons given to the reader by Ananka from her adventures which are aimed to sometimes be hilarious with her witty voice and at other times quite serious and useful.

Ironically enough, it was about six years ago that I picked up this book off the shelf in my middle school language arts teacher’s classroom one afternoon while I was waiting for my mother to come pick me up. My edition was one of the first designs with a cartoon rendition of Kiki Strike with New York City in the background. I never thought I would ever pick it up. My mother had been encouraging me to read longer books due to my fortunate habit of finishing books quickly; I figured three hundred and eighty-seven pages would suffice. My teacher was more than happy to lend it to me but I don’t think he or I could have guessed how interested I would become. Since then the first two books in the series have been reprinted with new covers to attract a wider readership and the Kiki Strike series has also been turned into ebooks.

I believe my reasons for enjoying the series so much is because I at once felt very connected with the main character, Ananka. Miller creates a very interesting young girl who from the very first sentence captures the humor and the heart of the reader who will spend the next three hundred and eighty-seven pages nodding as Ananka’s riveting narration and personal lessons keeps the reader turning the pages, seeking the key to the center of the labyrinth. As the story escalates after each twist and turn through a beautifully crafty plot as winding as the underground city that has slept for hundreds of years beneath the teeming streets of New York City in the quest for truth and in some cases, treasure. The reader will be drawn back into the seedy streets of the Shadow City as carefully timed revelations and reveals force the reader to spiral down through the murky reality in New York City where nothing is at is seemed towards the question that started it all: just who is Kiki Strike?

If you are as a big of a reader as I am then you will surely agree that Lemony Snicket was on to something when he wrote: “All the secrets of the world are contained in books. Read at your own risk.” If I could pick a quote to literally sum up KIKI STRIKE Inside the Shadow City it would be that very one. KIKI STRIKE Inside the Shadow City is a book that is not limited to young readers and can be read by teens and young adults as Miller skillfully maintains a large cast of complex, witty, intelligent and misunderstood young girls who the readers will watch over the course of the first book, and later the series, change into strong, confident and skilled women the world will one day come to fear if it knows what’s good for it.

So, I hope you have enjoyed my first book review, if you have any questions or comments, please comment on down below and follow if you have enjoyed what you have read. Booking Awesome is here for readers like you.

Morgan, signing off.

P.S. Here is the link for Kirsten Miller’s website where she lists her series, including the Kiki Strike series: If you are interested in learning more about KIKI STRIKE Inside the Shadow City, please, look it up at your local bookstore or check it out on Amazon or Goodreads!


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