Will I ever see it again?: The Problem with Lending Out Books

So yesterday I played with the idea of starting Beautiful Creatures after Insurgent. I planned to finish Insurgent today and start Beautiful Creatures today. HOWEVER, my mother loaned the book away last night. I probably won’t see it for another month…

Now normally I don’t have a problem with lending my books to my friends. Most of the time when I do, I know that they will return it in great condition and I believe they will like the book. However, I dislike when others lend out my books for me without my permission. I swear, my books are like children and I literally cannot stand to see them go into some stranger’s hands. Granted, the woman my mom lent the book to was someone I knew and I trust. But at least I haven’t read Beautiful Creatures yet and haven’t grown attached to it like I have with my Harry Potter books and The Fault in Our Stars. You have to be my best friend or family member to even consider looking at those books, I love them so much (not to mention TFIOS is signed by John Green).

In related news, I guess I should read “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead” considering I’m borrowing it from one of my friends and should get it back to them as soon as possible. While I sit here ranting about my mom lending out books, my friend is probably twitching because I’ve had the short play for a week now and haven’t read it. Oops! I guess things have a strange way of working out. I still have 100 pages left of Insurgent and I’m getting anxious to just finish it. I think I need to leave Tris’ world for a bit; it’s stressing me out even more than this lending issue.

I may have the review of Insurgent up today; it all depends on how my day goes. But, if not today, definitely tomorrow along with a Tangled movie review (I’m watching with my friend tonight)! Until then, DFTBA!



3 thoughts on “Will I ever see it again?: The Problem with Lending Out Books

  1. Ohh my gosh, I would be LIVID if someone lent out one of my books without asking me, they’re my babies. :D I’m a bit obsessive about the condition of my books as well, so I give anyone that borrows them a little lecture :P


    1. I completely agree! I almost feel like I have a mental checklist for people wanting to borrow books. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll require an application hahahaha


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