Hercules is Fab and that’s the Gospel Truth

Rating: 9.3/10.0

So I watched Hercules for the first time in a while last night and I forgot how much I loved it. I was quoting random lines I didn’t know I knew, singing the lyrics to songs I’ve only hummed, and enjoying it almost too much. I remember when Hercules first came out in theaters; I was a lot younger and my parents were the ones who had reservations about it. They were concerned that since it seemed so far-off from mythology that it would be a terrible movie, but boy were they proved wrong! Hercules has become one of the movies my family will sit down and watch without hesitation. We have very few of those movies that we can just pop in the DVD player and roll with (perhaps this line requires a whole different post)m but Hercules makes that cut. I absolutely love it.

Like I mentioned earlier, the plot isn’t spot on with mythology in any sense. My Hercules mythology is a little rusty, but I recall him being a demigod son of Zeus, not the son of Zeus and Hera. I also recall the 8 (I think it’s 8) labors Hercules had to endure, the crushing of the snakes being one of them. So, kudos to Disney for putting that little allusion in there! But regardless of accuracy, the plot is actually very well put together. For those of you who haven’t seen Hercules, the plot is quite simple. Hercules is born to Zeus and Hera, both gods of Olympus. Eventually Hades has his minions Pain and Panic steal Hercules away from his parents because of Hercules’ threat to Hades’ power, Pain and Panic attempt to turn him mortal with a potion, and they try and kill him. Luckily for Herc, he doesn’t drink every last drop of the mortality potion, so he retains his super strength! Baby Hercules gets discovered by two mortals and gets taken in as their son. Eventually Hercules’ true identity is revealed to him, he visits Zeus in a temple, and his life goal is to become a true hero so he can rejoin his parents at Mt. Olympus. Easy, right? Right. Oh, and there’s also a girl who throws a wrench into the plan. Why are we always the plan-ruiners?!

On top of the plot, the characters are also pretty fun. My favorite character has to be Philoctetes (Hercules’ mentor) because of his hilarious one-liners. In fact, most of the characters have amazing one-liners, Phil and Hades being two of the best. All of the characters are pretty lovable except for Meg in my opinion. She’s just a little too snarky and the total opposite of a Disney princess… which is probably why I don’t like her. Oh well, can’t be helped.

I give Hercules a 9.3/10.0 Although I do love almost everything about the movie, the mythology is totally lost. There are some characters I wish had bigger roles (like Hermes), but I can understand how they wouldn’t fit. However, the songs are super catchy, the plot is simple and well executed, the characters are lovable, and the dialogue is unforgettable and highly quotable. If you haven’t seen Hercules yet and you’re looking for a good Disney movie to sit down with, watch it right now! I guarantee you’ll be singing along in no time.




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